Houses For Sale In College Grove – Virtual Tour 6423 Drumright Rd


Take a virtual tour of our newest listing in College Grove – 6423 Drumright Rd. College Grove, TN 37046. This beautiful 1,920sf 3 bd 2 ba plus office home sits majestically on over 5 acres.

Spend time enjoying the sunroom, grilling out on the deck or relaxing beside the gorgeous salt water pool.  Single level living at it’s finest and inside Williamson County lines.  The home is zoned for College Grove Elementary, Fred J. Page Middle and Fred J. Page High Schools.

For those out of state homebuyers conducting their greater Nashville home search online, College Grove is an unincorporated, mostly rural community in Williamson County.  It’s located immediately south of Franklin and just east of Murfreesboro.

If you’d like more information visit the property page on our website here

If you’d like to schedule a showing, or have additional questions, please contact Greg Spackman at (615) 939-1252 or

Like the home?  But it’s not exactly what you were looking for?  SEARCH NEW HOMES HERE or contact Kate Spackman, our Buyer’s Specialist, at (615) 840-2692 or The Spackman Group BUY SELL INVEST Middle TN

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5 Smart Tips For Homebuyer’s Considering New Construction


If you are looking into purchasing a newly constructed home in Williamson County in 2016, let The Spackman Group at Keller Williams / Franklin lead you to the RIGHT house at the RIGHT price.

There are new neighborhoods popping up all over in the cities of Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Mt. Juliet, Nolensville, College Grove, Arrington, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station area – not JUST in Williamson County.  Rutherford County / Murfreesboro is booming with new construction, also, as well as many of the sounding counties.

If you are in the market to purchase a new home now or in the future, no matter the geographic locations, we’ve compiled five tips as well as a potential pitfall to avoid.

Couple dreaming new house

POTENTIAL PITFALL / Buyers Beware: Many New Construction homebuyers, especially first time homebuyers, elect to use the builder’s agent to handle their purchase. Purchasing a home is one of , if not THE, largest transactions you’ll ever conduct during your lifetime. Builders have on-site agents.  They are charming, well dressed, friendly, welcoming and very helpful.  You’ll like them instantly (typically) and that’s why the are the Builder’s Agent.  The builder wants you to feel comfortable making a new home purchase in their development.

TIP #1: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE – GET A REALTOR NOW! Great Realtors work hard for their clients.  Of course, as in any industry there will be a few “bad apples.”  So, interview a few candidates and go with your instincts. When purchasing a newly constructed home, you need someone in YOUR corner that is looking out for YOUR best interests, NOT the builder’s. No matter how wonderful the builder is (and we have some FANTASTIC builders in the Greater Nashville/Franklin area) their agent can’t represent their best interests while representing yours.

TIP #2: DON’T GO IT ALONE, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN. Unless you deal daily with real estate transactions, you are bound to be stumped somewhere along the way.  Don’t take the chance of making an uninformed decision which could, and most likely will, result in serious financial losses. Realtor fees are paid by the seller , or in this case the builder, NOT the homebuyer.  Utilize the experience and knowledge of a realtor. Not using a realtor doesn’t mean the builder will extend that savings to you.  And even if they were prepared to do that for some reason, they do this for a living and you’ll end up spending more on upgrades and negotiations in the long run.  Don’t overpay.  Use a realtor.

TIP #3: SHOW UP PREPARED  – your realtor should provide you with cards to hand out to open house agents or builder’s agents.  These cards lets the other agents know you are already working with a realtor. Why is this important to you?  It lets the other agent know that you are 1) currently being represented and 2) prevents them from nagging you – they can call your agent with questions and/or concerns.

TIP # 4:  DON’T WAIVE THE RIGHT TO YOUR OWN HOME INSPECTION – just because the home you are interested in purchasing is NEW, doesn’t mean there aren’t issues that could come up down the road.  Builder’s typically do give standard warranties on their homes.  However, some items may not become an issue until AFTER the builder’s warranty expires.

TIP #5: ASK UPFRONT FOR A COPY OF THE BUILDER’S WARRANTY. Memorize (well, maybe not memorize) and be aware of what the builder’s warranty covers and anything you may do, unknowingly, to void it. Knowledge is power.

Do you know what’s available to you as a new construction home buyer in Middle TN?   We’ve got the 6 GREAT NEW NEIGHBORHOODS in Williamson Co. you’ll want to know about before you begin your search. Contact us for more info. Or visit our website to begin your search.

Purchasing a home, whether new construction or a previously owned home, can be a very positive experience.  Don’t let misconceptions cost you big dollars.  Hire a realtor you feel comfortable with and look to them to guide you through the homebuying process.

Contact Kate Spackman our Buyer’s Specialist today for more information (615) 840-2692 or or visit our website to begin your home search today. SEARCH NEW HOMES HERE

The Spackman Group BUY SELL INVEST Middle TN

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2016 New Year’s Resolution Revamp – How To Make YOURS Work for YOU

I’m doing my New Year’s Resolution a little differently this year.  I want to tell you how.  But, first I need to give you a little framework and explain the two prior methods I have tried and why they failed.
2017 New Years Resolution RevampThe intentions we have in creating our New Year’s Resolutions, year after year, are certainly admirable. We want to begin doing something we AREN’T doing, that we know we really SHOULD be doing.  The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that they rarely stick.  It’s common to hear someone saying, “This year I’m going to start eating healthier and avoid fast food.”  It’s January 2nd.  Come January 7th, you spot them in line at McDonald’s down the road reaching out to grab their paper sack complete with big mac, fries and maybe even one of those pies.  (Not sure WHO eats those.  But, I assume someone does because they are still selling them.)

Why do you think that is that so many of us give up on making resolutions?  We aren’t being realistic?  We don’t really want to change/improve?  We lose focus or quit caring a few weeks in?  I’m sure there are many reasons and they are as unique as the individual.

I am the youngest of six children.  I am a mom of five children, from nearly 21 to nearly 6.  I have been a small business owner, a stay at home mom, a corporate cubical resident, a local artisan, all of which have all lead me to my happy place and current career – REAL ESTATE.  I LOVE what I do.  I truly do.  My point is I’m like many women and men across the globe.  My struggles maintaining a New Year’s Resolution throughout the year aren’t unique to me – trying to achieve more in the time we are given each day/year, that is a universal struggle of mankind.

My lifestyle and workload is as such that 1) there never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things I need to do 2) the things I WANT to do get pushed to the bottom of my list 3) my quality of life suffers and I start stewing on what I’m missing instead of counting the blessings of what I do have and enjoying my life as it is WHILE it’s in progress and lastly 4) at the end of each year I think geez, I got nowhere and 5) my goals tend to be singularly focus – stretched out across a very broad and lengthy three hundred and sixty-five day stretch in which I tend to lose steam, motivation, money but most importantly FOCUS. So, the traditional one resolution method just never seemed to work for me.

Then a few years back, some of the bloggers I follow introduced a new concept for new year’s resolutions.  Instead of having a resolution of something specific, they simply chose a single word to represent their dreams and hopes for the coming year….a theme, if you will.   I thought that was great.  How Freeing?!  No more beating myself up for what I didn’t do that I had so courageously set out to do and then lost interest or motivation to actually do.

I immediately thought this was a great concept.  And I selected a word for my upcoming year.  The problem with THIS method of using a single word such as FINANCES or STRENGTH or CALM or SELF-LOVE (hyphenated words are apparently ok for this purpose), is that instead of being too SPECIFIC and or unrealistic, it’s too vague and open.   While freeing in theory, compared to the previous concept, I felt more lost and misdirected than if I’d stuck with the original I’m going to eat healthy this year – and of course blow that plan by Jan 31st. So this method was not working either.  What now?

I am constantly trying to improve, grow, learn, develop new skills or start a new hobby – not because I’m not accepting of myself, but because the world is a big place filled with all kinds of wonderful things, places and people.  I want to spend my life expanding my circle and exposing myself to new things, new methods, etc.  I don’t consider myself an ultra-positive person or someone who’s always happy.  On the contrary, I’ve suffered from major depression on and off for most of my adult life.  Add to that A.D.D. and then New Year’s Resolutions.   Consistency has been my nemesis for years and YEARS.  I strive for it each year.  And each year I’m disappointed.

This is where the revamp comes in for my 2016 New Year’s Resolution. How do you think your perception of a New Year’s Resolution would change if instead of focusing on a particular goal or word for 365 days, your focus only need last for 28-31 days?  Do you think you could stick with it for that amount of time?

Now, what if trying to think of only ONE AREA of your life, or ONE WORD/THEME you wanted to spend an ENTIRE year focusing on was absolutely debilitating because there are so many things you want to do: learn photography, travel, save more, stop drinking soda, take up yoga or kayaking. What if you focused on not ONE word or ONE area of your life, but 12 – yes, TWELVE in a year?  Do you think that would be your best year yet?

Think of how much you can change in a year with this approach.  Imagine how empowered you’ll feel at the end of the 12 months knowing that you didn’t make and break another New Year’s Resolution – but you conquered/achieved 12 resolutions and made serious strides in 12 areas of your life.  This was a huge Ah-HA! moment for me.

There are so many applications – even when it comes to Real Estate.  First time homebuyers could utilize each of their 12 months exploring an area of the home buying process and or home ownership.  Sellers who planned on selling in the next year could use the 12 months focusing on different areas of the home that needed to be addressed or repaired so that when the time comes to list – they are prepared.  Investors could use the year to break down researching with their agent the different methods of real estate investments and how to be sure that they are making a sound financial decision.  These are just quick examples.

I know I’ll be doing separate monthly resolutions for my personal development and my business development.  You can probably think of how you can use this to grow your business, develop new habits and hobbies, etc.  I can’t wait to hear what you chose to focus on.  Don’t be afraid to post in the comments.

Why not make 2016 a significant year?  Get started on those 12 resolutions today.  We can do ANYTHING for a month.  Let’s use this year to say goodbye to our caterpillar life and HELLO to our wings!!

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Additional Resource:  check out this HGTV Holiday Decorating & Staging Article.

11 Reasons To List Your Home This Holiday Season

Whether you’ll be hosting the whole family for a thanksgiving feast, lighting the candles on the menorah, stringing the lights on a Christmas tree, or sharing libations from the unity cup this holiday season, we’ve complied a list to help those homeowners who are being faced with the nagging question this holiday, “Do we list our house NOW or WAIT?”

A green two-way street sign pointing to Pros and Cons comparing your options so you can decide the best choice for you and make a decision

What has notoriously been “the worst time to sell” may not be quite as bad as you’ve been lead to believe.  We wanted to help homeowners, being faced with the decision to sell now or wait, get a better understanding of what it means to LIST and SELL your home during the holidays. Selling your home during the holidays is not without it’s advantages.  We’ll help you show you why choosing to sell during these (often misunderstood) 3 months (Nov-Jan), could mean a nice hefty profit for you.

The Spackman Group Nashville Franklin Realtors BUY SELL INVEST MiddleTN


11) Making the decision now to take action and sell your home during the holiday season gives you (sellers) the opportunity to be non-contingent buyers in the Spring when many more houses are on the market for less money.  In short, this allows you to sell HIGH and buy LOW. And that’s just good business.

10) Delaying your closing or providing for extended occupancy, is an option for you as a seller at any time of year.  This allows you, as the seller, better control when you’ll be out of your house.  It’s particularly useful during the holidays allowing sellers to enjoy their homes during the holidays and buyers to conclude the transaction prior to the end of the calendar year.  (See # 7)

9) It won’t ruin your holidays, like many potential sellers fear. Don’t let the stress and pressure of making your home available to buyers during the holidays hold you back from listing your home during the holidays.  Even though your home may be ACTIVE in the MLS, you still you have the option to restrict showings during the six or seven days around the holidays. Did we just hear an exhale? We thought so.

8) Employees traditionally begin new positions in January. Since these employees /transferees need to be IN a home BY January, they need a selection of homes to choose from. In order for you to cash in on this market, you need to be on the market DURING the holiday months.

7) For financial reasons/tax purposes, some buyers MUST purchase a home/property by the end of the calendar year.  This makes the last two months of the year very significant to the real estate market.

6) Since many buyers have additional time/days off of work during the holiday season, they are able to spend more time looking as opposed to a standard work week during throughout the rest of the year.

5) Buyers tend to be more emotional during the holidays, feeling more of a connection to the home they select because of the time of year, and quite possibly those fabulous holiday decorations.  As a result, they are more likely to pay your asking price.

4) Houses show BEAUTIFULLY when decorated for the holidays.  So deck your halls, light those candles and line up the buyers.

3) When all those potential sellers who decided that disrupting their holidays by listing their home during the holidays decide to wait until January, they’ll wish they’d listed like you did.  Why? Because in Mid-January (once the holiday season is over) the number of listings in the MLS will dramatically increase.  More homes listed equals more competition.  More competition translates into lower offers which (unfortunately) means less money for you, the seller.

2) Since inventory is no where near as high as other months of the year, buyers have fewer homes to choose from.  Serious Buyers + Less Competition = More Money For You.

Can we get a drumroll please?  And the Number ONE reason to List Your House During the Holidays is…..

1) Less foot traffic and Looky-Loos.  Anyone house hunting during the holidays, typically has a very good reason for doing so.  So, those looking for homes during the holiday season are more SERIOUS and ready to BUY!

The Spackman Group Franklin Nashville BUY SELL INVEST Middle TN

Hopefully, we’ve helped debunk some serious misunderstandings about the undervalued and often overlooked, holiday real estate market.

So our question to you is – ARE YOU READY TO SELL?  The Spackman Group at Keller Williams Realty Franklin is ready to walk you through the process.  Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Keep in mind, if you are THINKING of selling this winter, you can have your home’s exterior photographed now before the winter season, so potential buyers can see the home in it’s best light, even if you aren’t ready to activate the MLS listing for a few weeks.

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Additional Resource:  check out this HGTV Holiday Decorating & Staging Article.

Having Fun, Giving Back – Clovercroft PTO Golf Tournament

A little over a week ago, The Spackman Group at Keller Williams Realty Nashville / Franklin had the pleasure of sponsoring Clovercroft Elementary’s PTO 2nd Annual Golf Tournament “FORE Our School.”

Clovercroft Elementary School Franklin, TN

It was held Thursday, October 23rd at Forrest Crossing Golf Course on Fairview here in Franklin, TN.

forrest crossing golf course pic
Forrest Crossing Golf Course – Photo from Website

This particular event was especially exciting for us because Greg and I have two children currently in attendance at Clovercroft Elementary here in Franklin, TN. As many of you may know, Clovercroft Elementary was recently recognized as a National Blue Ribbon school.  This is our third year at Clovercroft and we continue to be thankful for their hands-on, dedicated and caring teachers and staff – not to mention one incredible PTO!

clovercroft- banner

The Spackman Group sponsored one the of holes on the golf course, as well as entering as a foursome, all to benefit Clovercroft Elementary School.  Greg, along with our Broker extraordinaire, Kurt Steckel and two fellow realtors Mike Nastri and Wanda Colbert participated in the golf tournament.

Greg at The Spackman Group hole

There were prizes galore including a brand new Chevy Camaro for a hole in one sponsored by Walker Chevrolet.  Unfortunately, our foursome was not among the big winners.  But, we did have fun on the course, for sure and plan to attend again next year…if they’ll have us.

First golfers at our sponsored hole

The event raised over $8,500 that will be used to purchase iPads, computers, library books and continued support of the school.  We are very proud to have been one of the sponsors at this special event.

For more information about Forrest Crossing Golf Course or Clovercroft Elementary, simply click on the links.

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The Hartley Adair Home Outside Nashville

We’d like to formally introduce you to our newest listing, the historic Hartley Adair home in College Grove, TN just south of Nashville.

This  incredible home sits atop 2.83 acres in the city of College Grove, TN, about 30 mintues south of Music City.  Circa 1785, this charming historical property, referred to as The Hartley Adair House, has been beautifully and tastefully updated.  The 2,499 sqare foot home features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It is currently being offered by The Spackman Group at Keller Williams Nashville/Franklin for $399,900.

The Hartley Adair Historical Home near Nashville TN Offered By The Spackman Group
The Hartley Adair Home just south of Nashville in beautiful College Grove, TN


Since we know a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve decided to take you on a photographic tour of the home.

The Spackman Group
Renovated and updated kitchen with beams

The kitchen, one of our favorite rooms in the house has gorgeous wood floors and wood beams in the ceiling.  If you are looking for a Nashville area home with character, this one MUST be on your list.

The Spackman Group
Formal Living – Hartley Adair Home

The home features both a spacious formal living space as well as a generously sized family room for relaxing and/or entertaining guests.

The Spackman Group
Family Room

There is also a formal dining home complete with wood beams tying it into the kitchen design.  We adore these two spaces especially.  The historical integrity of the home has been respected during the renovation process, and it shows.

Dining Room

The outdoor space is inviting whether you choose to sit on the covered porch ……

The Spackman Group
Back/Side porch space

Or, the picturesque side yard, you can relax, unwind and take in the true character of this historical Nashville area home.  Side Yard

The charm of this property just abounds in each and every room and continues to the outdoor spaces, as well.  We would be happy to take you on a tour of this listing to allow you to experience the property for yourself – because it truly is an experience.

If you are interested in viewing this property, please contact Greg Spackman at The Spackman Group Keller Williams Realty Nashville/Franklin (615) 939-1252.

To see more about this listing please visit

The Spackman Group at KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY (Nashville – Franklin)
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Labor Day BBQ Tips You’ll Want To Use

Here in Franklin, Tennessee there truly is so much to see and do. But, on a weekend like Labor Day weekend, one thing comes to mind – BBQ! Before the weather cools off and being outside isn’t so enjoyable, Labor Day weekend is a great time to throw some deliciousness on the grill –  invite over some of your favorite people, and just enjoy the food, friends and fun.

DepositphotosItsBBQTimeTake your Labor Day BBQ party or gathering to the next level with these fun Labor Day BBQ Tips inspired by the folks at Country Living.

Let’s kick things off with a great tip for making your grill non-stick, from Skip to my Lou. “To make your grill non-stick all you need to do is cut an onion in half and rub the cut side on the heated grill grate.” Who Knew? We will definitely be trying this tip over the weekend.


Looking for a good way to keep drinks cold?  This tip from Jamie Oliver is so clever and you can get creative with it – get your guests talking.


AlittleCLAIREification has another twist on using fresh citrus and herbs. She sliced a few limes and lemons, cut a few sprigs of rosemary, added water, tea lights and some essential oils to mason jars to create Bug Repellant luminaries.  These are functional and colorful making perfect for your tablescape. BugRepellantLuminaries

While the good stuff is on the grill, you can whip up a fun little tray of condiments using a metal muffin tin.  How cute is this?


Is Grilled Fish on your menu this weekend, try this tip laying the fish over sliced lemons from The Mother Huddle.


Or you could just make the usual hot dog a little more fun to eat with this fun idea from Caramel Potatoes.



Serving some watermelon?  Try this innovative cutting idea from MamaSayWhat.  You’ll never cut and eat watermelon the same again.Pa


And last but not least, we love this idea using (again) mason jars with lids this time.  Pairing a colorful muffin/cupcake liner and a straw to keep those pesky bugs out of your drinks.

And there you have it.  A few fresh ways to add a little creativity and fun to your Labor Day BBQ this weekend.  We hope you have a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend surrounded by lots of family, friends and good times.

As always, we’d love to be of assistance with any of your real estate needs.  If you are in the market to buy a home, sell a home or invest in real estate here in the Franklin, Tennessee area, please give us a call or send us a quick email.

The Spackman Group at KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY | Franklin / Nashville
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Just Moved? 10 Things To Do Before You Unpack

Congratulations on purchasing your new home!  Before you start opening boxes and putting things away, we have some advice for new homebuyers and first time buyers – 10 Things To Do Before You Unpack.

Young couple moving in their home

These 10 items are often overlooked when moving into a new home.  Checking off this short list of to-do’s, however, will give you piece of mind and a sense of security as well as putting you on the proper path to caring your your new home and protecting your investment.

1) CHANGE THE LOCKS: We recommend changing the locks on your new home immediately.  Over the years homeowners may lend out keys and those keys aren’t returned.  It’s just a good, safe practice to rekey the home as soon as possible, ensuring that you and your loved ones are the only ones with access to property.

2) REVIEW YOUR HOME INSPECTION REPORT: This is a very important document, homebuyers pay for it, and sadly rarely ever use it for more than negotiations.  However, once you’ve signed on the dotted line, this report serves as your guide for any needed repairs or maintenance not handled during the transaction.  It will provide any safety concerns as well as needed repairs/preventative home maintenance to protect your investment.  Use it!

3) FIND YOUR CIRCUIT BREAKER: Circuit breakers prevent potential fires and other mayhem by cutting off power when the system senses an overload. Since circuit breakers are considered to be one of the most important safety features in your home, we recommend that new homeowners locate their Circuit Breaker or Fuse Box immediately upon moving in. If you need help locating yours, click here.

4) CHANGE HOME ALARM  & SMOKE ALARM BATTERIES:  If your new home has an alarm, you’ll want to replace the battery upon moving in.  These batteries have an average life span of approximately 3-5 years.

5) CHANGE SMOKE ALARM BATTERIES: Low batteries will cause alarms to sound off systematically until the battery is replaced.Locate all smoke alarms throughout the home.  Remove old batteries and replace with new.  Be sure to test the system once you’ve finished.

6) REPLACE LIGHT BULBS:  We recommend walking through the home and taking inventory of the lighting fixtures and what types of bulbs are required.  Be sure to take note of the label on the light fixtures, which will indicate the proper wattage to be used.  Odds are the sellers only replaced the bulbs that were out when they listed the home.  Replacing all the bulbs upon moving in, isn’t a requirement for sure, just one of those things that saves you multiple trips to the home improvement store when they all go out separately at a later date. (You may even want to take one of each of the old bulbs with you when you purchase new bulbs.)

7) PLAN EMERGENCY EXITS:  In the event of a fire or other emergency, you’ll want to plan out how each member of your family will evacuate the home in case of an emergency.  For more information on emergency exit planning, click here.

8) CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS: It rains here in Middle Tennessee, a lot.  Your gutters play a key role in protecting the siding, windows, doors, and foundations from water damage and flooding in basements. When it rains, gutters direct runoff from a very large surface—a home’s roof—to where it can drain away from the house.  Gutters can get clogged with leaves and other debris. And because they are out of sight, they are often also out of mind for most homeowners until there’s a bigger problem.  For information on cleaning out rain gutters, click here.

9) CAULK EVERYTHING: If you’re not handy or crazy about the world of DIY, you’ll want to find a handyman for this task.  Over time, the caulk around sinks, tubs, etc wears and crumbles.  Taking the time to caulk everything upon moving in will prevent leaks, water damage and one of the scariest words in the english language when it comes to buying or selling a home – MOLD.

10) SHARE YOUR CONTACT INFO: Meet a few of your neighbors.  Introduce yourself and provide your contact information.  In the event of any emergency or suspicious activity, your neighbors can quickly reach you.  We know that this is one of those items some of you will back away from, and that’s okay.  But think of it this way, you’ve just purchased a home in this neighborhood.  You have chosen to live there.  Don’t you want to invest in your community?  Get to know those around you?  Make an effort to set the tone for your relationships with your neighbors.  Sharing contact information will help break the ice.

And that’s our list of the Top 10 Things To Do Before You Unpack.  We hope you find them helpful.  And as always, if you know anyone who is in the market to buy a home, sell a home or invest in real estate, we would appreciate it if you’d send them to The Spackman Group at Keller Williams.  We promise to treat them like the VIPs that they are!

We’ve taken the liberty of adding a few local resources in the Franklin, TN – Brentwood, TN – Cool Springs area that our clients have used and had success with:

Cool Springs Lock & Key 460 Franklin Road Franklin, TN 37069.  (615) 595-5744

Batteries Plus 1724 Carothers Parkway Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 371-8151

Tim Fettroll (615) 838-6582 Handyman

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Looking For A Great Burger? These 4 Top Our List

Last week we talked about how to turn your outdoor living space into a fun outdoor movie theater to entertain friends, family and even new neighbors.  If you missed it, you can check that out here.

Been craving a big, juicy burger?  You’re in luck!  This week we’re sharing our top 4 places for a GREAT burger in the Franklin/Nashville area. We’ve complied the list below in no particular order.

burgerrepPhoto Credit:


1) The Bunganut Pig Pub & Eatery – 1143 Columbia Avenue Franklin, TN 37064

Since 1986 this pub style joint has been serving up Black Angus specialty burgers that are melt in your mouth delicious.  You can even enjoy live music and a little dancing.  In 1997, they opened another location in Murfreesboro.

bunganutBunganut Pig : Franklin
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2nd Location: 1602 West Northfield Boulevard Murfreesboro, TN 37129

2) Burger Shack – 7175 Nolensville Road Nolensville, TN 37135

Located in Nolensville, features what former West Coasters will attest to as a serious copycat IN-N-OUT burger.  As former west coasters ourselves, we had to try it out.  Burger Shack can certainly fool the taste buds into thinking we are biting into a little piece of west coast magic that is IN-N-OUT burger without ever leaving out back yard.  You can even get their version of IN-N-OUT’s Animal Style Fries – – they call the Shack Fries.

burgershacktnBurger Shack : Nolensville
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3) Burger Republic – 6900 Lenox Village Dr., Suite 22 Nashville, TN 37211

From the Tennessee Burger to the Truffle Tots this eatery has carved out a niche for making not only great burgers, but some delicious milkshakes in some crazy-delicious combinations.  Did someone say Nutella? Yep, they’ve got that – and if you want it SPIKED, they’ve got that too!

Burger-RepublicBurger Republic : Lennox Village
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2nd Location: 420 11th Ave South Nashville, TN 37203

4) Southside Grill – 6601 Sugar Valley #101 Drive Nashville, TN 37201

Three words come to mind when I think of Southside Grill.  Effortless, Cool and Delicious.  The vibe there is the kind of cool that appears effortless.  However, there are so many incredible details that go into all that is Southside Grill that foodies will appreciate.  We had the pleasure of dining with a couple regulars and the attention and service of the staff was bar none.  Refreshing to see that the art of treating customers well has not died.  The burgers were absolutely incredible.  Juicy, great flavor….a real burger.

southsidegrillSouthside Grill : Nolensville
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Don’t just go for a burger though, their menu features delicious options including a gigantic slice of chocolate cake.  You’ve been warned.  (You can thank us later).

A quick disclaimer: ** Pharmacy – you’re on our list!  We tried at 8pm on Sunday night and there was a wait of more than an hour.  So, we are certainly going to have to find out how to get in on that action – – if it’s worth waiting an hour for, we want to try it!

We need YOUR help!  Can you help us?  We’d like to add a # 5 to our list.

If you have a recommendation for a great burger joint here in the Franklin – Nashville area, leave us a comment below.  We’d love to check it out.

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Hosting An Outdoor Movie Theater Party In 5 Steps

We talk about buying homes and selling homes, prepping homes and listing homes, most often, here on the blog. Today, however, we are going to talk about something you can do to ENJOY your home in a fun and practical way.

Summer is winding down.  Go out with a bang this year by throwing an outdoor theater party that will instantly leave everyone wanting to plan the next one!  Did you just relocate and need a good way to meet new neighbors?  Or, maybe you just moved down the street and you have want to show your new digs off to friends and family?  Planning an outdoor movie theater night is just some welcome old fashioned fun. These outdoor parties are a great way to relax, unwind and reconnect (or connect) with others.

7.22.15 Fun Ahead Peeps

photo credit / source:

My sister shared this image with me on Facebook yesterday and knew it was just the thing for our weekly blog feature. Of course this image reminds me of the vibe here in Nashville/Franklin, Tn.

7.22.15 Cozy Outdoor Theaterphoto credit / source:

# 1) Select your seating and your screen / equipment. What I LOVE most about the idea of an outdoor movie party, is that there are so many ways to be creative, if you like to, or just keep it simple and still make those lasting memories with your loved ones. There are so many other styles out there from a laid back DIY approach with cushions and a sheet on a rope…..

7.22.15 DIY Outdoor Theater

photo credit / source:

to of course some are a tad more luxurious… this set up with cozy chaise lounge chairs built for two.

7.22.15 Luxury Theater

photo source / credit:

#2) Invite guests. Do you have children? Involve them in the planning stages, maybe they can help you select movie themed invitations if you will be inviting additional guest.  I found these printable versions for $5.00 on etsy – just pay, download and print.  How easy is that?  (Click the photo to link to the listing.)  Or make your own with stuff you have around the house.

7.22.15 Printable Movie Tickets

photo source / credit:

#3) Pick your movie. You can make a sign to display the movie that will be playing

7.22.15 sign for movie night

photo credit / source:

And if you are one to take it to the next level, use a fun marquee sign sign to direct guests

photo credit / source:

#4 ) Concessions! What would a movie be without concessions?  Popcorn.  Candy.  YUM! Pick out some great things to snack on during the flick.

7.22.15 Nashville Flair Concession

photo credit / source:

You could make a sign together listing all the goodies you’ll serve and can let the kids run the concession stand – after a summer of selling lemonade, I’m sure they will enjoy a change of pace.  Not sure where to start – google printable concession signs and I’m sure you’ll find lots of freebies.

7.22.15 Full table concessions

photo credit / source:

or you can organize and arrange the candy, popcorn and drinks like they’ve done here with fun metal wire baskets and cute popcorn containers.

7.22.15 All out concession stand 2

photo credit / source:

or like this….(my personal favorite, I know….way over the top!)  This one just screams whimsical and unique and those are right up my alley!

7.22.15 wagon concessions

photo credit / source:

#5) Give it a drive-in feel for the toddlers – kick the party up a notch with fun cars that the younger children can use as seats during the movie.  How fun are these decorated hot rods?  They would be fun to make ahead of time and talk about a memory! Keep your eyes out for empty boxes that might double as a great drive-in seat at your next double feature!

7.22.15 BYOC Bring Your Own Car Drive In Party

photo source / credit:

Of course you don’t have to go to all this work.  You can simply throw a blanket on the grass, prop up your laptop and bring out the mircowave popcorn (in the original bag!). Maybe this approach, using sheets as seats.

7.22.15 sheets as seat

photo source / credit:

Or maybe you don’t have an outdoor space large enough to host an outdoor movie theater party.  Don’t let that stop you!  Improvise and hold a drive in movie night INDOORS.  Move some furniture, set up seating on the floor and line up the snacks!

Have fun with it.  Take lots of pictures and make great memories with your family. If you want to share your pics with, we’d love to see how YOU did your outdoor theater party this summer.  You can share them on our Facebook with #SummerMovieNight2015.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!  And as always, if you or anyone you know is looking to buy a home, sell a home or invest in real estate here in the Nashville / Franklin TN area, reach out to us.  We would love the opportunity to earn your business.  Thank you!

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