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Are you considering a career in REAL ESTATE? Do you want more control of your schedule, your finances and your success? Keller Williams Realty Franklin is currently seeking agents who want to be part of the Keller Williams Phenomenon. What’s Keller Williams all about? Our unique culture is like nothings you’ve experienced.  With over 300 agents (and growing) in our Franklin Market Center alone, Keller Williams is taking territory.

Need more details?  Watch this new video on how Keller Williams isn’t just a company, it’s a PHENOMENON!

Give us a call (615) 939-1252 and we’ll get you set up with our AMAZING team leader to fill you in on what could very well be YOUR opportunity of a lifetime. Call today!  We’ll give you a FREE copy of the real estate bible – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller.  If ever there were blue prints for a successful career/business, this book provides them.  Read.  Apply.  Succeed.

The Spackman Group at Keller Williams wants to see YOU succeed in Real Estate. Visit our website The Spackman

Keller Williams Realty Franklin is located at 9175 Carothers Parkway, Suite 110 in Franklin just past the intersection of Bakers Bridge and Carothers.  Our Keller Williams office is filled with agents who are in all different phases of their real estate careers.  You will fit right in whether you are brand new to real estate and need more education (because Keller Williams Franklin has incomparable education), looking to be part of a real estate team that encourages, supports and provides some accountability,  or you are a more seasoned agent wanting to promote yourself and not just your firm.

Are you on the fence?  Give us a call.  Think you might need support?  We’ve got you covered.  Want to be part of a team and not just a single agent?  Teams are a huge part of our success.  Keller Williams allows you to promote YOU.  Why wait?  Your career in Real Estate is calling.  And YOU could be our next Rookie of the Year or Top Producer.

Create for yourself a life by DESIGN and not default.  Reach your potential. Change your life.  It is ABSOLUTELY possible.

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June 2017: This Month In Real Estate (Video Installment)

The year’s first half of 2017 is coming to close and the June This Month In Real Estate numbers are in.  Inventory is still scarcely available and buyers are still flocking to local listings.  If you have been considering selling, we would advise that NOW is the time.

There truly has never been a time to sell like we are currently experiencing – record profits for sellers.  Average number of projected home sales dipped (likely to lack of inventory) as the median home price increased, 3.5% over last month.  View the short video overview for the June 2017 Real Estate Market here:

SELLERS: Are you curious what your home is currently worth?  Get an instant home valuation estimate by  CLICKING HERE .  You can also contact our Listing Specialist: Greg Spackman (615) 939-1252 to schedule a FREE consultation.

BUYERS: If you’d like to purchase a home, you can browse current local listings here:  To Browse Homes For Sale Click Here.  You can also contact Lead Buyer’s Agent: Kate Spackman (615) 840-2692 to schedule a FREE consultation.

Curious about us?  Visit our website to Meet The Spackmans or check out our client testimonials here.

These numbers are, of course on a macro level as they feature nationwide data.  If you are interested in the local market number, please text MARKET to 615-840-2692.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer and we’ll see you next month for This Month in Real Estate July 2017.

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April 2017: This Month In Real Estate

We’ve just about wrapped up the month of April and I can tell you, we’ve been busy.  The market here in the greater Nashville area is just on fire.   We are certainly still in a seller’s market and things are heating up for the prime moving seasons.

View the brief overview of the April 2017 Real Estate Market here:

SELLERS: Thinking of putting your home on the market?  Get an instant home valuation estimate by  CLICKING HERE .  You can also contact our Listing Specialist: Greg Spackman (615) 939-1252 to schedule a FREE consultation.

BUYERS: If you’d like to purchase a home, you can browse current local listings here:  To Browse Homes For Sale Click Here.  You can also contact Lead Buyer’s Agent: Kate Spackman (615) 840-2692 to schedule a FREE consultation.

The Spackman Group BUY SELL INVEST Middle TN

As always, we are happy to help answer any real estate related questions you may have.  We hope you enjoy the video of This Month In Real Estate April 2017 and find it valuable.

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11 Reasons To List Your Home This Holiday Season

Whether you’ll be hosting the whole family for a thanksgiving feast, lighting the candles on the menorah, stringing the lights on a Christmas tree, or sharing libations from the unity cup this holiday season, we’ve complied a list to help those homeowners who are being faced with the nagging question this holiday, “Do we list our house NOW or WAIT?”

A green two-way street sign pointing to Pros and Cons comparing your options so you can decide the best choice for you and make a decision

What has notoriously been “the worst time to sell” may not be quite as bad as you’ve been lead to believe.  We wanted to help homeowners, being faced with the decision to sell now or wait, get a better understanding of what it means to LIST and SELL your home during the holidays. Selling your home during the holidays is not without it’s advantages.  We’ll help you show you why choosing to sell during these (often misunderstood) 3 months (Nov-Jan), could mean a nice hefty profit for you.

The Spackman Group Nashville Franklin Realtors BUY SELL INVEST MiddleTN


11) Making the decision now to take action and sell your home during the holiday season gives you (sellers) the opportunity to be non-contingent buyers in the Spring when many more houses are on the market for less money.  In short, this allows you to sell HIGH and buy LOW. And that’s just good business.

10) Delaying your closing or providing for extended occupancy, is an option for you as a seller at any time of year.  This allows you, as the seller, better control when you’ll be out of your house.  It’s particularly useful during the holidays allowing sellers to enjoy their homes during the holidays and buyers to conclude the transaction prior to the end of the calendar year.  (See # 7)

9) It won’t ruin your holidays, like many potential sellers fear. Don’t let the stress and pressure of making your home available to buyers during the holidays hold you back from listing your home during the holidays.  Even though your home may be ACTIVE in the MLS, you still you have the option to restrict showings during the six or seven days around the holidays. Did we just hear an exhale? We thought so.

8) Employees traditionally begin new positions in January. Since these employees /transferees need to be IN a home BY January, they need a selection of homes to choose from. In order for you to cash in on this market, you need to be on the market DURING the holiday months.

7) For financial reasons/tax purposes, some buyers MUST purchase a home/property by the end of the calendar year.  This makes the last two months of the year very significant to the real estate market.

6) Since many buyers have additional time/days off of work during the holiday season, they are able to spend more time looking as opposed to a standard work week during throughout the rest of the year.

5) Buyers tend to be more emotional during the holidays, feeling more of a connection to the home they select because of the time of year, and quite possibly those fabulous holiday decorations.  As a result, they are more likely to pay your asking price.

4) Houses show BEAUTIFULLY when decorated for the holidays.  So deck your halls, light those candles and line up the buyers.

3) When all those potential sellers who decided that disrupting their holidays by listing their home during the holidays decide to wait until January, they’ll wish they’d listed like you did.  Why? Because in Mid-January (once the holiday season is over) the number of listings in the MLS will dramatically increase.  More homes listed equals more competition.  More competition translates into lower offers which (unfortunately) means less money for you, the seller.

2) Since inventory is no where near as high as other months of the year, buyers have fewer homes to choose from.  Serious Buyers + Less Competition = More Money For You.

Can we get a drumroll please?  And the Number ONE reason to List Your House During the Holidays is…..

1) Less foot traffic and Looky-Loos.  Anyone house hunting during the holidays, typically has a very good reason for doing so.  So, those looking for homes during the holiday season are more SERIOUS and ready to BUY!

The Spackman Group Franklin Nashville BUY SELL INVEST Middle TN

Hopefully, we’ve helped debunk some serious misunderstandings about the undervalued and often overlooked, holiday real estate market.

So our question to you is – ARE YOU READY TO SELL?  The Spackman Group at Keller Williams Realty Franklin is ready to walk you through the process.  Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Keep in mind, if you are THINKING of selling this winter, you can have your home’s exterior photographed now before the winter season, so potential buyers can see the home in it’s best light, even if you aren’t ready to activate the MLS listing for a few weeks.

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Additional Resource:  check out this HGTV Holiday Decorating & Staging Article.

Hosting An Outdoor Movie Theater Party In 5 Steps

We talk about buying homes and selling homes, prepping homes and listing homes, most often, here on the blog. Today, however, we are going to talk about something you can do to ENJOY your home in a fun and practical way.

Summer is winding down.  Go out with a bang this year by throwing an outdoor theater party that will instantly leave everyone wanting to plan the next one!  Did you just relocate and need a good way to meet new neighbors?  Or, maybe you just moved down the street and you have want to show your new digs off to friends and family?  Planning an outdoor movie theater night is just some welcome old fashioned fun. These outdoor parties are a great way to relax, unwind and reconnect (or connect) with others.

7.22.15 Fun Ahead Peeps

photo credit / source:

My sister shared this image with me on Facebook yesterday and knew it was just the thing for our weekly blog feature. Of course this image reminds me of the vibe here in Nashville/Franklin, Tn.

7.22.15 Cozy Outdoor Theaterphoto credit / source:

# 1) Select your seating and your screen / equipment. What I LOVE most about the idea of an outdoor movie party, is that there are so many ways to be creative, if you like to, or just keep it simple and still make those lasting memories with your loved ones. There are so many other styles out there from a laid back DIY approach with cushions and a sheet on a rope…..

7.22.15 DIY Outdoor Theater

photo credit / source:

to of course some are a tad more luxurious… this set up with cozy chaise lounge chairs built for two.

7.22.15 Luxury Theater

photo source / credit:

#2) Invite guests. Do you have children? Involve them in the planning stages, maybe they can help you select movie themed invitations if you will be inviting additional guest.  I found these printable versions for $5.00 on etsy – just pay, download and print.  How easy is that?  (Click the photo to link to the listing.)  Or make your own with stuff you have around the house.

7.22.15 Printable Movie Tickets

photo source / credit:

#3) Pick your movie. You can make a sign to display the movie that will be playing

7.22.15 sign for movie night

photo credit / source:

And if you are one to take it to the next level, use a fun marquee sign sign to direct guests

photo credit / source:

#4 ) Concessions! What would a movie be without concessions?  Popcorn.  Candy.  YUM! Pick out some great things to snack on during the flick.

7.22.15 Nashville Flair Concession

photo credit / source:

You could make a sign together listing all the goodies you’ll serve and can let the kids run the concession stand – after a summer of selling lemonade, I’m sure they will enjoy a change of pace.  Not sure where to start – google printable concession signs and I’m sure you’ll find lots of freebies.

7.22.15 Full table concessions

photo credit / source:

or you can organize and arrange the candy, popcorn and drinks like they’ve done here with fun metal wire baskets and cute popcorn containers.

7.22.15 All out concession stand 2

photo credit / source:

or like this….(my personal favorite, I know….way over the top!)  This one just screams whimsical and unique and those are right up my alley!

7.22.15 wagon concessions

photo credit / source:

#5) Give it a drive-in feel for the toddlers – kick the party up a notch with fun cars that the younger children can use as seats during the movie.  How fun are these decorated hot rods?  They would be fun to make ahead of time and talk about a memory! Keep your eyes out for empty boxes that might double as a great drive-in seat at your next double feature!

7.22.15 BYOC Bring Your Own Car Drive In Party

photo source / credit:

Of course you don’t have to go to all this work.  You can simply throw a blanket on the grass, prop up your laptop and bring out the mircowave popcorn (in the original bag!). Maybe this approach, using sheets as seats.

7.22.15 sheets as seat

photo source / credit:

Or maybe you don’t have an outdoor space large enough to host an outdoor movie theater party.  Don’t let that stop you!  Improvise and hold a drive in movie night INDOORS.  Move some furniture, set up seating on the floor and line up the snacks!

Have fun with it.  Take lots of pictures and make great memories with your family. If you want to share your pics with, we’d love to see how YOU did your outdoor theater party this summer.  You can share them on our Facebook with #SummerMovieNight2015.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!  And as always, if you or anyone you know is looking to buy a home, sell a home or invest in real estate here in the Nashville / Franklin TN area, reach out to us.  We would love the opportunity to earn your business.  Thank you!

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For additional resources and inspiration, visit these great links!

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DIY Outdoor Movie Seats – I’m thinking these would be GREAT for a Girls Night Out (or in depending on your home) with a good click flick and some drinks and appetizers.

ETSY – Backyard Movie Night Items

The Found Blog – AMAZING ideas for all kinds of events, I LOVE her style!

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5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Home

Whether your current home was just a starter home or you are an empty nester wondering why you ever thought you needed so much space.  You may be asking yourself “Have I/we outgrown this house?”  Life occasionally throws curve balls.  You, and your family, may be trying to field one of those curve balls right now. Outgrowing your house doesn’t always mean you need something LARGER than you currently have.  You may need to DOWNSIZE.The Spackman Group Tiny House Time to Move                                         {Courtesy of istockphoto/gettyimages}

We’ve complied a list of 5 tell tale signs you may want to consider moving to a home that better suits your current needs.

1) The definition of your family unit has changed

Every family is unique and has unique needs.  Whether you’ve added to your brood or taken away, the amount of space you need to live comfortably may have changed due to that increase or deduction.  Have you recently had a baby?  Are you caring for a aging parent or family member?  Is your oldest leaving soon for college?  Have all your children left the nest? Or that puppy that has taken up permanent residence in all your hearts is no longer a puppy anymore, he needs space to run and play and the tiny back yard just isn’t big enough anymore.

2) You’ve had a change in your career

The job you used to have to commute back and forth to each day has evolved into a home office position.  Or maybe you’ve changed from a corporate employee to an entrepreneur and you need space within your home to work efficiently and productively. Maybe there is a need for storage, a place for inventory and product prep and you just can’t carve that out in your current home.

3) Your Finances have changed

You may be making more money and can easily afford to step up on the property ladder.  Or, you may have had a change in income – possibly a reduction (see #1 – someone in your family has gone from an income earner to a care taker) and you need to adjust your mortgage accordingly.

4) Entertaining isn’t entertaining anymore

You fell in love with your house.  Your furniture fit perfectly.  The neighborhood was tops on your list.  But you forgot to consider the holidays, entertaining for birthdays and other family events.  Parties are supposed to be fun.  But, now when you have more than three people over, and your guests are eyeing the only empty seat in the room – you find yourself wondering why you offered to host.

5) Storage & your Parking Space 

If passersby mistake your garage for a flea market or adjunct thrift shop – you might need more space.

Over the years you’ve accumulated some great pieces and you love them.  But, there’s no place for them in your house anymore.  Your garage has become a storage unit and your three cars are now relegated to the driveway.  On Saturday you’ve filled your garage so full – you decided a storage unit was the only option to regain those precious covered parking spaces.  Now all those gorgeous things that mean the world to you are packed in boxes or wrapped in blankets and no one can appreciate them.

Is it time for you to consider purchasing a new home?  Our team is here to help you.  Our buyer’s rep will meet with you to determine what your current needs are and assist you with finding a lender to determine your budget.  We are here to guide and advise you in the process so you don’t overpay for a new home just because you can afford to.

Have a home to sell that you’ve outgrown?  It’s a seller’s market here in the Nashville/Franklin and surrounding areas.  Our listing specialist can meet with you to determine the best possible price to get your home sold quickly and tips to help make the process a smooth one.

If it’s time to move for you and your family, contact us today by phone at (615) 939-1252, visit our website to begin your search today or stop by our office in the heart of Cool Springs – 9175 Carothers Parkway, Suite 110 Franklin for personalized and professional service.

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A Blog is Born

Hello, and welcome to our newest addition of Spackman Realty Group here in Franklin, TN – our Blog.  I’m Kate Spackman, Realtor and social media appointee (until further notice). I’m working on a title – stay tuned.  I may even need suggestions.  So, if you are feeling lucky, you could post it below or message me on Facebook.  I’m all ears.

Moving on. For those of you out there that we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or dealing with, our group is located in the Keller Williams Franklin Office located off Carothers Parkway and Bakers Bridge, right on the border of Brentwood & Franklin, TN.  We service the Franklin/Brentwood and greater Nashville area.

KW Franklin TN Spackman Realty Group

Kate Spackman (Realtor)  Keller Williams Franklin TN – The Spackman Group

With all that’s been going on lately in the local real estate market, it’s been tough to find time to carve out our blog space. However, it’s a priority for us to share with our clients, friends and local community a little more behind the scenes reality of the local Franklin & Nashville area real estate market.  So, we’ve taken a few minutes this morning to break the seal on this puppy and give you a quick idea of how we’ll be utilizing our blog and why you’ll want to stay connected.

Whether you are in the market to BUY, SELL, INVEST or simply stay educated when it comes to Nasvhille / Franklin / Brentwood area real estate, we will offer up to date information and resources that can be also typically be applied to any market across the county.

On Wednesdays, we’ll be sharing a little bit of what we’re up to here in the Keller Williams/Franklin office.  We’ll call it What We’re Up To Wednesday.  You’ll want to subscribe to the blog for those great updates.  We can’t promise they’ll always be utterly stimulating…but they will be REAL.

Let’s just say we’ll be putting the REAL back into Real Estate.  Buy, Sell, Invest, Educate & Repeat.  That’s our direction.  I don’t think anyone would disagree when I say that educated choices are better choices.  That’s where we come in.  At Spackman Realty Group, we’re here to help you make better (informed) choices when it comes to real estate.

In the market to Buy:  Visit our Website to create a custom search.  Contact Kate Spackman to schedule a NO OBLIGATION buyer’s consultation.

In the market to Sell:  You’ll want to know what your home is worth is TODAY’S market. Contact our office at {615} 939-1252 to schedule a NO OBLIGATION appointment with our Listing Specialist, Greg Spackman.

Looking to invest in real estate, let our office help provide you with local area statistics, market evaluations and more to not just INVEST but invest WISELY.

Just want to educate yourself and be informed when it comes to real estate?  We’ll share great resources, info-graphics and more to give you a leg up when it comes time to Buy, Sell or Invest.

You’ll want to like us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for up to the minute sharing and sometimes just a little non-sense when we feel like being silly.  We also post lots of real estate info and eye candy on our Pinterest page. Don’t be shy…. click on the links and stop by.




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Is there something you think might be helpful or you’d like to see featured on our blog? Leave us a comment below.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Here’s to a fantastic – and DRY – rest of the week.