DIY Wheat Wreath For Fall

Fall is just around the corner.  Temps will begin dropping, the leaves will begin their transition and pumpkin spice will be EVERYWHERE. Candy corn will rain down from Heaven!  No, but seriously….This has always been a special time of year for us and we truly look forward to it each year.  
Are you as excited about decorating for fall as we are?  We thought so.  Here’s a video for a simple, yet beautiful DIY wheat wreath.

You can view the short tutorial by click this link
Y’all….this sweet little fall project costs only $5 and looks like a million bucks! Seriously, fine stories are selling these NOW for 10x more than what you make them for yourself.  Here’s a link to view a similar wreath
Give it a try.  Display it proudly.  There’s just something about making something with your own hands…. Go ahead.  Try it out.  Let us know how yours turne
d out.

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