A Historical Moment For A Historic Home

After years of doing real estate here in Middle Tennessee, there’s one transaction that still just absolutely warms my heart when I think about it. It was one of those transactions that has DESTINY written all over it. It was a historical home, built in 1785 to be exact with walls 18 inches thick – to withstand attack I’m told.

The basement we learned, used to shelter slaves and featured a fireplace roughly 7 ft wide to warm them at night.  The property had several outbuildings and the smallest one, closest to the home, we thought might have been either a root cellar or a pottery shack was actually used to make moonshine.

History.  This home is RICH in history.  And that was one of the fulfilling part of the transaction, learning the story of the home and the land.

The Hartley Adair Historical Home near Nashville TN Offered By The Spackman Group

The Hartley Adair Home just south of Nashville in beautiful College Grove, TN

When Greg listed the home, we had no idea the journey we’d go on and with whom.  The Prices phoned him about the property and agreed to meet us in our office to discuss it.  We met with them and set up a time to view the property.  Laura said they were looking for something specific and unique.  I wasn’t sure THIS was the property for them, knowing where they were currently living – in a picturesque sub-division in Franklin.   Little did I know….

We met the Prices at the historic home for their viewing appointment.  All the lights had been turned on, the music was playing softly in the background and the weather was gorgeous.  The Prices entered the home and from the second they walked in the door I had goosebumps.  They took it all in, appreciating every detail and they were just absolutely GLOWING.

Outdoor Space Hartley Adair Home College Grove TN

After touring the home and the property, they asked if they could bring their children to come see it later that afternoon, as they had NO idea what was going on.  They were going to surprise them with the idea of moving there.  I’m all about surprises and this one was BIG!

We all met back at the house shortly after and the kids were sort of in shock at first and as they walked the home and the land I could see the wheels turning.  The oldest was already planning renovations and how they would work and the youngest was grinning from ear to ear, quickly buying into to the HUGE changes that would head their way.  The home had found the right family it seemed.

Historic Home – Renovated Kitchen with Gorgeous Beams

This home needed just the RIGHT family.  It was in need of some TLC and a little elbow grease for sure. It needed a family that would love it and appreciate it’s history.  The Price family was in love and up for the challenge.  They put in an offer and we entered into one of our longest escrows on record.  Historic homes require much more than newer ones, there are so many things that need to be inspected, verified, reconfigured, considered, etc.  And the Price family jumped in with both feet.

Part of what we love about what we do is WHO we are blessed to do it with.  Buying a home is a highly emotional experience, and the Price family can certainly attest to that. They overcame obstacle after obstacle, challenge after challenge.  And they purchased this CHARMING property exactly one year ago today.

The gorgeous dining space

Greg and I want to wish the Price Family a very HAPPY HOME ANNIVERSARY today.   The Price family is the PERFECT family for this home.  Without a doubt.  And that was apparent, as I mentioned, from the minute they walked through the front door.  Their story is one that proves some things ARE worth waiting for.

And to pay homage to the history of the home and recognize just how hard the Price family has worked to restore this home and reinvent it for their family and friends, I thought it would be nice to remind them of the home they fell in love with.

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