8 Step Home Maintenance Schedule For Fall

It’s finally here, FALL!  Fall is my favorite season of the year – temps are dropping, football and hockey games are starting to remind us how much we missed the in the off season, candy corn is on the store shelves again and the smell of pumpkin spice is everywhere.

With the new Fall season, however, brings new home maintenance tasks for homeowners.  If you are living the American Dream of homeownership, you need to be aware that neglecting regular upkeep and maintenance on your home, could turn that dream into an absolute nightmare.

Buying a home is likely the largest investment you’ll make, protect that investment with seasonal maintenance.  To take the guesswork out of it and pin-point the most necessary maintenance items to address this season, we’ve provided the 8 Step Home Maintenance for Fall. Be sure to check these items out in and around your home this fall:

Protect Your Investment With Seasonal Maintenance

Protect Your Investment With Seasonal Maintenance

  1. Test your smoke detectors.
  2. Have a certified Chimney Sweep inspect and clean the flues and check your fireplace damper.
  3. Make sure your caulking around doors and windows is adequate to reduce heating/cooling costs.
  4. Clean gutters and downspouts.
  5. Check that all interior doors open and close properly.
  6. Look for water stains on the ceiling.
  7. Inspect under sink cabinets and around toilets and tubs for leaks.
  8. Check in the attic for roof leaks and adequate insulation
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Maintenance Needs Change With The Seasons

If you have not already, be sure to tackle these 5 items either Annually or Semi-Annually as well.

  1. Make/Review an emergency escape plan with your family.
  2. Make sure the house number is visible from the street for first responders to see.
  3. Have HVAC serviced annually.
  4. Test for Radon every couple of years.
  5. Replace HVAC filters once a month.

Know what needs to be done, but need help accomplishing the tasks for your Fall Home Maintenance checklist?  Reach out to a local handyman or contact us for a list of vendors our clients’ have had success with.  For a fee, these professionals can complete the tasks quickly and work with you to preserve the integrity of your home and the investment you have in it.

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How Loud: What’s Your Home’s Score?

We just found a new website that could talk you into or out of purchasing that next home or putting pen to paper on that new expensive lease. It has nothing to do with crime rates, locations of schools or ratings, walkability or the like.  This new website plain and simply allows you to HEAR a home before you COMMIT to it, saving you huge frustrations, wasted precious time, serious cash and of course your sanity.

Sharing new technology and websites that help our clients get and stay in the know is part of our passion at The Spackman Group here at Keller Williams Realty Franklin.

So, we are super excited to share this new resource with you.  It’s called HowLoud.com. Haven’t heard of it? It’s the latest development in sound mapping and will have a powerful impact on the Real Estate Industry.  screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-53-50-am

How does the website work?  Well, the website creators have combined applied mathematics with data from sound maps of areas across the county to provide what they’ve termed as a Soundscore.  How does this data help you?  Well, it will help you weed out noisy housing options that would “surprise” you after it’s too late.  You’re welcome!

Imagine for a moment you just closed on the home of your dreams. You’re feeling confident, knowing you did your due diligence to research all you could about the new property.  You even took your Realtor’s advice and drove by during different times of the day/week to make sure that all is well.  Then, the first night in your new pride and joy you’re startled and awake to a TRAIN HORN blowing at 5 am and you’re MILES from any tracks.

Simply visit the website, enter the address of your potential new home (or your existing home because we all want to know our current home’s rating), and Howloud calculates a score ranging from 50 (Very Loud) to 100 (Very Quiet).


We were curious.  So we tested the site out with the address of our office to see what the SoundScore HowLoud might assign to it.  And here’s our results…. the office scored a 70.  Traffic is busy, Airports Calm, Local Sources are active.  Seems accurate for this area of Franklin, TN.


Since the maps can only extract data from areas with higher populations, you most likely won’t have a score if you live in a more rural area, like Eagleville, TN. In the more largely populated areas of Nashville, however, you’re not only going to receive a score, you’re going to see variations of score even within the same neighborhood. Why variations?

Within the bigger cities, like Nashville, there is incredibly fine detail.  So the score for a property in Belmont will have a different score than a property just over a block or two in Hillsboro Village.  The small differences around and near a property will cause the score to increase or decrease based on the noise created by the area: airline noise, trains, cars and traffic, bars, restaurants, shopping, etc.

Sharing new technology and websites that help our clients get and stay in the know is part of our passion at The Spackman Group here at Keller Williams Realty Franklin. We hope you can use this new tool to help you make an informed decision on your next home.

Here’s how to take advantage of this new tool:

  • If you’re in the market for a new home, whether you are renting or buying, you’ll want to check out HowLoud.com and find out the soundscore for that property.
  • If you’re thinking of selling your current home, you may also want to visit the site to see just how your home stacks up to the 50-100 sound score ratings.  We’d love to hear how YOUR property scored.

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This Month In Real Estate: SEPTEMBER 2016

SEPTEMBER 2016 This Month In Real Estate:

It’s that time again!  Time for This Month In Real Estate.  Numbers don’t lie. And we’ve got the newest numbers that represent the CURRENT Real Estate Market for September 2016.

You can view THIS MONTH IN REAL ESTATE for September 2016 below:

This video breaks down the NATIONAL Real Estate market.  And, of course, real estate markets vary from state to state, town to town and even sub-division to sub-division.  The information for the Greater Nashville or Middle Tennessee area, will be slightly different.  Franklin, Brentwood, Fairview, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, College Grove, Smyrna, Nolensville, Nashville, Antioch, Columbia, Murfreeboro, Arrington will all have data that is unique to that city.

If you wanted market details on a MACRO level, this has it all.  But if you are wanting more specific, local or MICRO Real Estate market statistics, we would be more than happy to provide you with detailed information and statistical data on your city as well as your neighborhood and/or sub-division.

We can also provide you with an estimate of your homes value.  You can quickly and easily get that estimate by CLICKING HERE .

For a more detailed and accurate snapshot of what you home could sell for, contact us today for an appointment – (615) 840-2692 Kate Spackman or (615) 939-1252 Greg Spackman.

If you’d like to purchase a home, you can browse current local listings here:  To Browse Homes For Sale Click Here. You can view properties and even mark favorites.  The site is updated every 10-15 minutes so the data is reliable and accurate.The first step in making the move towards home ownership is speaking with a lender.  We can help provide you with a list of lenders in the area that our clients have used and had success with in the past. Contact us for that info.

As always, we are happy to help answer any real estate related questions you may have.  We hope you enjoy the video of This Month In Real Estate August 2016 and find it valuable. The Spackman Group BUY SELL INVEST Middle TN

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